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What is a barrage?

These fireworks are very popular amongst the public as they offer the excitement and drama of lighting the one fuse and getting a full show stopping display. Each firework is very different and offers different colours and effects. 

Make sure you watch the videos to give you an idea of what each firework has to offer.

Recommendation: MAXIMUS is one to look out for as this is one of our biggest sellers!!


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Super Jewel By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Super Jewel is one of the most beautiful barrages from Brother’s Pyrotechnics. The bursts of green, red, and gold will create the feel that it is raining emeralds, amethysts, and rubies from the night skies. It will make a lasting impression on anyone watching with it's magnificent 30 shots of high noise that lasts for 38 seconds! Learn More

RRP: £54.99

Save 29%

Liquid Gold By Brothers Pyrotechnics


In this GOLDEN crackling finale with its GOLDEN brocades and GOLDEN tails, You'll never guess what colour the stars and blinks are? You'll never get it… GREEN! Just kidding its red actually with a bit of blue and silver :P Learn More

RRP: £94.99

Save 58%

Magical Palm By Brothers Pyrotechnics


The Wizards at Brothers Pyro have really cooked up a spell this time! Huge Red, green and yellow palm bursts tied with silver glittering strobes, and a finale of red & green mixed with purple. Perfect for ANY occasion! Learn More

RRP: £66.99

Save 30%

Sapphire Supercharge By Brothers Pyrotechnics


If you are looking for a high intensity fireworks, then Sapphire Supercharge is the answer to your query! This spectacular compound cake creates a pure frenzy of screeches, explosions, and bursts of light in all imaginable colours! The only thing about it that is NOT supercharged is the price as this is one of the best value for money barrages in its class! Learn More

RRP: £67.99

Save 29%

Frozen by Brothers Pyrotechnics


Frozen by Brothers Pyrotechnics is a enchanting firework with a stunning blue and white mine lift to a gold willow. Make sure you order yours now because this firework wont stick around for long. Are you singing the theme tune yet?? ......... Learn More

RRP: £64.99

Save 23%

Kingdom Of Hell By Fireworks Kingdom


Hijacker By Brothers Pyrotechnics


New for 2019! HIJACKER is a 122 shot single ignition barage from Brothers Pyrotechnics. This firework has all the makings of a complete show stopper, starting off slow before changing into screeching effects, which then leads onto the ultimate finale! Learn More

RRP: £74.99

Save 27%

Magneto Burst By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Attract everyone's attention with 49 Shots of coloured pearls, huge bursts and gold brocades with red, green and silver blink. To finish it all off is fires a final volley of blue stars leading to gold and blue brocades leaving your family and audience shocked in amazement. Learn More

RRP: £79.99

Save 30%

Eagles Vs Seagulls By Skycrafter


Eagles vs Seagulls by Sky Crafter is a firework with 61 shots with white and purple bursts. This creates a great visual effect which is great for brightening up any sky! Learn More

RRP: £119.99

Save 50%

The Vindicator By Skycrafter


The Vindicator by Sky Crafter Fireworks is truly amazing with its 48 huge shots of green and red burst with crackling and much more! A great firework that still impresses every year! Learn More

RRP: £136.99

Save 56%

Distant Thunder By Skycrafter


Distant Thunder by Sky Crafter is a single ignition barrage with 61 high noise shots. With green and red loud bursts in a straight firing pattern, this firework is great for visuals whilst keeping them in the centre of the sky. High noise and spectacular effects that Distant Thunder brings will prove to be worth time and money... Learn More

RRP: £119.99

Save 50%

Major Skyfall By Skycrafter Fireworks


Don't worry the sky isn't falling, it just looks amazing! Learn More

RRP: £134.99

Save 56%

Raging Inferno By Skycrafter Fireworks


Raging Inferno by Brothers Pyrotechnics is an 80 shot barrage with high noise, and a lot of colour! It brings the noise that will ring in your ears, long after the bonfire night have passed. Along with that, it brings truly spectacular bonanza of colours that will make your guests pause and pay a full attention to it! This Category 3 firework is worth every penny, and it is one of the best fireworks for sale in our portfolio! Learn More

RRP: £159.99

Save 63%

War Lord By Brothers Pyrotechnics


War Lord is a really special high noise barrage! Its 100 shots will take your breath away for the 42 seconds as it will provide some of the most spectacular sights the eye can catch! It combines the shots of green and red, exploding rather violently in the night sky, and culminates with a huge shower of gold light! Claiming that it would thrill both you and your guests would be an understatement! If you are looking to buy the top quality fireworks online, look no further – the War Lord is the answer to your prayers! Learn More

RRP: £84.99

Save 29%

Bellini By Skycrafter


Bellini from Sky Crafter Fireworks is a shot 1.3G barrage that will bring some real magic to your bonfire night. This incredibly beautiful barrage similar to Wilda, but it comes with completely distinct effects involving beautiful colours that really catch the eye. Learn More

RRP: £124.99

Save 52%

Wilda By Skycrafter


WARNING: THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY AVAILABLE AFTER OCT 15TH, ORDER EARLY TO GUARANTEE BONFIRE NIGHT DELIVERY. Similar to BELLINI but with different effects and colours. This is also 1.3G giving the firework that extra bang for your money. Which one do you choose? BELLINI, WILDA OR BOTH? Learn More

RRP: £124.99

Save 52%

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