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Fireworks Kingdom barrage fireworks (a.k.a. – cake fireworks) fall into the category of big fireworks that will mesmerise any spectator. These are most commonly used to produce the fireworks shows and displays we often can watch during big celebrations.

The number of shots and the types of projectiles used in barrages vary from set to set, and here you can find literally any setup you might be interested in. If you are looking for big fireworks for sale in the UK – the section of barrage fireworks on our website is the right place to find them!


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Fire One

Fire One

If you just want to FIRE ONE big firework this Bonfire Night, then FIRE ONE is the firework for you. Brothers Pyrotechnics manage to cram an amazing 100 second 98 shot display with a ton of effects into just ONE barrage! This is everything you'll ever need, and great for any occasion. Learn More

RRP: £159.99

Bellini & Wilda

Bellini & Wilda

WARNING: THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY AVAILABLE AFTER OCT 15TH, ORDER EARLY TO GUARANTEE BONFIRE NIGHT DELIVERY. BELLINI and WILDA were made for each other, so why not fire them together and see what magic they come up with. These are Both 1.3G! So ensure you treat this amazing duo with respect. Once you've gave them a try, we are sure they'll be on your shopping list for years to come. Learn More

RRP: £239.99

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