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January saw the Brothers Pyrotechnics demonstration evening take place and we was more than happy to attend. Our team went along to the Evening at Chalgrave Golf Club near Luton in good spirits looking forward to seeing and selecting some new products for 2019.

On arrival we were very surprised at the turn out and were welcomed by the friendly Brothers fireworks staff who gave us a firing plan and a list of what to expect in the year ahead, The team then put out a hot buffet which went down a treat on such a cold and frosty night in Jan. It was nice to catch up with other firework retailers and discuss each other’s good and bad experiences from the previous year.

Top 10 Fireworks – rated by fireworks kingdom:

  1. Hercules – This firework never fails to amaze us and this age old firework just keeps on delivering. This has to be one of the greatest fireworks ever made for the UK. Fireworks kingdom rated this firework 10/10 .
  2. Redemption 1.3G- Wow what a firework, This firework is so loud !! Everyone at the show couldn’t believe how loud this firework was! I think every firework shop will be stocking this one this year. We gave this firework a 10/10 for noise.
  3.  Fireworks Crazy – This has been one of our top selling fireworks for 2 years and every year people just keep coming back for more. Of course we see many fireworks all of the time but sometimes you forget how good something like this firework is. Fireworks Kingdom rated this one 9/10.
  4.  Beat Thy Neighbour – One of the Cheaper compounds that we offer, Beat thy neighbour has such a good duration and there is no wonder why we sell so many of these. This firework didn’t disappoint again. 9/10 from Fireworks kingdom.
  5. Entertainer – New and improved for 2018, We were really interested in seeing this firework because the year before it wasn’t that great. But in true Brothers Pyrotechnics fashion they really upped their game and made this into a truly special firework. The colours in this firework were amazing! 9/10 from Fireworks Kingdom.
  6.  Raging Inferno – This firework was a big disappointment in 2017 and after a few complaints from other retailers Sky crafter fireworks listened to what we had to say and really improved this firework. Again this firework has such amazing colours with pulse firing effects. 8/10 from Fireworks kingdom.
  7.  Skyboss – This firework had people talking, Skyboss felt like it went on for an hour.... Although the firework is very long and boring to me to others this firework was a standout piece that was just what they was looking for. Fireworks Kingdom Rated this firework 8/10 based on value for money.
  8.  Angel Dust – This was one of the highlights of the show for us, This little firework will please any firework enthusiast that is wanting a low noise firework. Firework Kingdom rated this firework 10/10 .
  9.  Bellini – This 50 Shot firework was released in 2018 and the firework performed sensationally. Sky Crafter really have delivered something special with this beast of a firework. We think this firework will be a top seller in 2019! We have given this tasty 9/10 .
  10.  Starring – We have stocked this firework for many years and didn’t realise how good this little firework was. The firework is so powerful for such a little piece. If you have a small budget we would rate this 10/10.


 So there was other item that really caught our eyes that we hadn’t seen fired until this demo night and they were the barrage packs.

  • The Mob - 6 piece barrage pack really blew us away with how much power and variety this little box has. This barrage pack will be great for gardens with smaller budgets looking to put on a good show. We were really impressed.
  • Django – Sky crafter again has produced a fantastic box that would be perfect for the £100 budget with rockets. This pack is made up using the items in The Mob plus 2 more bigger barrages that will really blow you away.
  • The Heist – Wow this 13 piece barrage pack has to be the best value pack on the market; i don’t think other products like this on the market can compete. We have to stock this product next year.
  • Supremacy – The ultimate 1.3G barrage pack. We really didn’t know what to expect with this barrage pack but we was really impressed with this super loud and vibrant pack. The bigger cakes at the bottom of this pack are unbelievable; anybody buying this barrage pack will have a blast!


We have noted down some of the best rockets from the evening that will definitely stocking for this year, We were so impressed by some of the Sky crafter rockets as well as old favourites like The King.

  • Rocking Robots - Sky crafter really have captured the market with this twin rocket pack! The anticipation from when the rockets were lit until the massive boom was immense and they certainly delivered. Everyone at the show was so impressed by what they had just seen. These rockets will be on everyone’s shopping list this year.
  • Metal Warriors – Another fantastic rocket pack that really shocked us all. A rocket pack that wouldn’t look out of place in any firework display. We can’t wait to get selling these this year.
  • The King Rocket – And still........ This rocket is still the best rocket on the market. The king has taken a lot of bad press recently and we was unsure what to expect this year. When this went off everyone was amazed. This 2019 King is still the best.


  • 24 Shot assortment – This firework was a little let down, the firework didn’t have the burst that we was all expecting. I think we will have a look further into what other people said. 
  • Raise the roof – An 80 shot firework that didn’t deliver as we had hoped, Sky crafter said that they had improved this firework but we still felt this firework was a little on the weak side.

So that’s it from us at Fireworks Kingdom, We would like to thank Brothers Pyrotechnics for inviting us down and their hospitality. We can’t wait to see the new 2019 products that are coming in and we look forward to informing you of our view. For all of the best deals for online fireworks make sure you come to us first for the biggest and best firework deals. Shop with us online or in-store, the UKs best online firework shop.