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New Year Fireworks UK – Buying Big To Create Magic!


The Bonfire Night is behind us, and it was quite the spectacle, as always! This year, our fireworks were all over the skies across the United Kingdom, and many of those breathtaking firework displays you saw came to life thanks to our product!

It was a real kick and it was really fun, but the Bonfire season is over. It is time now to focus on different things... fireworks for New Year! With New Year just around the corner, and you should get prepared for it. If you are planning to enjoy some more big fireworks, you should get your hands on them as soon as possible.

In order to do this, you need to find the best vendors to buy fireworks online and get some real firepower at your disposal. Needless to say, you will be able to find all you need on the Fireworks Kingdom website!

We have some of the most powerful and some of the loudest fireworks in the entire country, and they can be just the New Year fireworks you need! Of course, there are the cheap fireworks in our portfolio as well and you will be able to buy on the budget also, so every customer will find what they actually need.

Still, let’s see what we could offer you if you are looking for the best, the strongest, and the loudest fireworks… There are 4 options that will simply amaze and impress every time they get unleashed onto the skies:

• Zenith

• The King rocket

• Hercules


Zenith is a huge firework barrage. This compound firework is THE strongest one in the entire country, and it is so powerful that it is borderline illegal! It packs a punch that will surely impress every spectator.

The roar and the flash it provides is something that will be remembered for a very long time once you see it. The fact that all the neighbours will envy you is not to be disregarded as well.

Since this is a rather new product in our portfolio, you should definitely hurry up and seize the opportunity to have it before the stock runs dry! It will provide the perfect announcement of a New Year that will be seen and heard far and wide!

To sweeten the deal, even more, this biggest fireworks barrage is now available at the discounted price! Getting the best of the best at the price that is this low – it is just the deal you can’t overlook!

The King rocket

Single rockets are always fun to play with. They can be used as parts of larger firework displays or as standalone options. Still, they are best used as the part of the fireworks show that marks the culmination of the event. These mighty and loud rockets are simply impossible to ignore as they usually pack a punch that is equivalent to some barrages.

The strongest and the biggest rocket out there is the King! It has been named that way for a very good reason and it will become clear as soon as you unleash its fury onto the night skies. A spectacular blast and a roaring thunder will make everyone look into it in amazement and you will know your night was a pure success!

This single rocket can be easily combined with our barrages and compound cakes in order to create the ultimate spectacle and impress your guests!

It is also quite affordable for the item that belongs to the biggest and loudest fireworks category, so you will be able to afford it without any regrets!


Hercules is one of the flagships of our portfolio. This incredible fireworks barrage is also one of the best sellers, and there is a very good reason for this. Namely, it provides one of the best prices to performance ratios anywhere in the UK!

It is a cheap fireworks option that packs the power that is rather spectacular. Just imagine 107 shots of pure power at the price that anybody can afford easily! This makes it one of the most popular options out there, and people often resort to it as an ideal solution for their New Year fireworks. It provides all the punch and all the fun you might need and it all comes with a rather small price tag to it!

If you are looking for something really affordable yet utterly spectacular to spice up your New Year’s Eve, this is the option that will fit the purpose perfectly!

Of course, besides these options, there are other items that you can use to create any kind of the spectacle you wish! We have it all, no matter if you are looking for the cheap fireworks or for the loudest and the strongest fireworks available.

In every case, you will be treated with high quality and an incredible price to performance ratio! Take a good look at our portfolio and you will surely find what you need! If you require any kind of help, we will be there to help you out!