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Compound fireworks – the best tools to impress!


When you are organising a bonfire night for larger crowds or for occasions that really matter, you wish to use nothing less than the best fireworks that money can buy!

You will need something really impressive, loud, and most importantly – easy to use!

Going with the professional display teams can be really costly, as the people operating in this field are not cheap to hire. Assembling an impressive display on your own can be dangerous and ineffective if you are not a professional. So, is there anything that can solve both problems and provide really epic spectacle without invoking any kind of danger or being too costly?

A simple answer would be – yes, there is! There are compound fireworks in our display kit section that are exactly what you need, that are previously assembled and set up, and that won’t cost you an arm and a leg! Within the selection of fireworks for sale we have in our online shop there are some truly impressive items that far surpass the common standards in the industry.

These compound fireworks have all the potential to create truly epic experience. They are loud, contain multiple shots with various colours and effects, and are able to set the skies ablaze and invoke real awe in your guests.

Of course, the fact that they are pre-assembled means you won’t be needing any kind of professional help to set everything up. It basically makes the price being the one you will have to pay for the fireworks itself and nothing more.

The best thing when it comes to compound fireworks in our online offer is that there are definitely some that will fit every budget. The entire offer ranges from as low as £105! It means that you CAN actually get a high quality preassembled fireworks at the best, or you can get a great price for some of the best display kits available anywhere on the market!

The benefits do not stop there! For a foreseeable future, these compound fireworks are available at prices that are far below the standard ones! The compound fireworks in our online store include:

• Beat Thy Neighbour

• The Real Mackay

• Neighbour From Hell

• Maximum Showtime 2

• Massacre

• Pyro Pro

• The Godfather 2

• Grand Slam

Beat Thy Neighbour

Beat Thy Neighbour is a great low cost compound firework that comes with over 1.2 kilos of explosives in it! It consists of 106 shots that will literally light up the skies and impress all those attending your bonfire night! It is a category 2 fireworks that will definitely become one of your favourites once you try it!

The Real Mackay

This spectacular compound firework is a stuff of legends! It is a 104-shots category 3 firework that lasts for 150 seconds, and in that time it provides a spectacle that is hardly matched. The bonanza of green and red rockets exploding all over the night skies will be a sight to remember! Now it is available at a special price that will make purchasing it a really great experience!

Neighbour From Hell

This compound firework is really something special. 84 shots and 140 seconds of true spectacle this amazing category 2 display kit provides is something to remember for a long time! Its name is more than well-deserved and your neighbours will be simply unable to ignore it, even if they wish to do so!

Maximum Showtime 2

Maximum Showtime 2 is the name that says everything you should know about this incredible display hit. As it consists of no less than 233 shots and lasts for 180 seconds, you can imagine the frequency of shots being fired! It almost simulates what you would be able to see in a real war zone! Once seen, this awesome compound firework can’t be unseen, and it is available at the price that will impress you at the same extent as the show itself!


300 shots of category 3 high noise fireworks? It really can’t get much better than that! Massacre will be a spectacle to remember for a very long time! Given the level of noise, the spectacular bursts, and the number of shots, this is most definitely one of the fireworks you will LOVE once you see it in action!

Pyro Pro

Pyro Pro comes with 210 shots discharging over 135 seconds. The main feature of this compound firework is the light effect it provides. These 210 shots are not merely sound booms, but also the incredible explosions of light all over the skies! The effect this firework provides is nothing short of magical!

The Godfather 2

If you are looking for both high noise and spectacular light, then The Godfather 2 is the firework that will steal your heart! It is loud, it is spectacular, and it contains over 1.7 kilos of explosive!

Grand Slam

This is the strongest display kit in our offer. It contains almost 3 kilos of powder, 306 high noise powerful shots, and it lasts for 240 seconds! Despite being the top tier compound firework, it is now available at a really incredible price!

No matter which of these compound fireworks you opt for, one thing is guaranteed – you will have a time of your life playing with them!