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Firecrackers for sale in the UK


Firecrackers, as you may remember them, cannot be purchased legally in the UK anymore. Back in 1997, they were labelled as potentially harmful and therefore were banned, together with ‘jumping jacks’ and ‘bangers’. Despite the ban, the popularity of different types of fireworks and noise makers has never entirely ceased, so even though there are no more crackers, there are new quality, legal alternative as good as we remember them.

Actually, with today’s technology and law restrictions you can obtain relatively cheap fireworks that are in accordance with UK legal standards. However, legal and supervised doesn’t necessarily mean boring. So the ones you can buy at a registered retailer is no less spectacular or less noisy.

With advancement in firework production, we at Fireworks Kingdom can offer a variety of products from category 1, which can be used indoors, category 2, which you can set off in a smaller garden, but also category 3 which will give you a good run for your money as it may be the loudest fireworks you have ever used.

Firecrackers and their popularity

Crackers, also known as bangers or bungers, have been popular for a long time now and though they are not allowed in the UK anymore, they are still very much sought after in the rest of Europe and, of course, China.

In China firecrackers are called ‘baozhu’ which translated to ‘exploding bamboo’ as the first crackers were made from bamboo which was made to explode by being continuously heated. So they were used even before the invention of gunpowder. Thus, fireworks originate from China and nowadays China is one of the largest consumer of these ‘fire flowers’ in the world. For a long time now, they have been a traditional part of most festivities and festivals in China.They were the first to perfect its form and use it for celebration and entertainment.

Bangers were and still are an important part of many different festivities throughout the world. Together with fireworks, they are used for celebrating New Year, Diwali and Bonfire Night, but also Independence Day in the USA, Bastille Day in France and many others. Some personal celebrations like birthday parties, engagements and weddings rarely finish off without the firework display.

However, use of fireworks has been increasingly more supervised not only in the UK but throughout the world. Even China, the birthplace of the fire flowers, has sanctioned the use of different types of noise makers. This is especially present in urban areas, as they have been used irresponsibly, among other reasons.

Better than crackers and also safer

Firecrackers are losing their battle as they are commonly connected to accidents. They are incredibly loud, so loud that they can cause hearing problems in humans and are particularly difficult for small children and animals to handle. They are commonly misused and thus cause different sorts of injuries, including loss of eyesight and even death. As most accidents happen at larger public festivities, there are numerous casualties. There were instances in which people actually mistook them for explosions and broke into panic.

This is why all fireworks should be used with care. To maximize security you ought to light them only in controlled environment like your yard. Also, in order to prevent discomfort and even anxiety of your neighbours, it is best to notify them as early as possible.

Though different types of fireworks are restricted or banned that doesn’t mean that there are no suitable, legal alternatives here in the UK. There are a few things to look into when buying them. As handling them is always potentially dangerous, quality should always be top priority. Of course, that doesn’t mean that quality of product should come at the expense of customer’s satisfaction and expectation.

Though we at Fireworks kingdom do not sell bungers and bangers, we offer other products that offer the same amount of joy and amusement, and possibly even more, but in accordance with firework code.

If you were fond of lighting crackers, you are probably less interested in the display of colours and most definitely love noise. We have different products to offer and some of our personal favourites include:

Air Bomber rockets

Redemption barrage

At our fireworks store, be sure to look into Air Bomber rockets. For a real fan of noise makers, Air Bomber will prove a perfect purchase. Even though it will carry a lot of noise, it is also completely suitable for your backyard entertainment.

This category 3 firework will leave you speechless. Unless you are ready to set up a spectacle and listen to the same amount of noise, Redemption might not be for you. However, this is the real deal for a true noise lover. If you thought a firecracker had a huge bang, you will surely be impressed by our Redemption.

As all fireworks are made from explosive materials, extreme caution is always advised. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or doubts.

Fireworks had been around for quite a long time, so much so that they have become part of our traditions of celebrating various events, especially festivals such as Chinese New Year and Diwali. However, we all know that firecrackers won’t be coming back anytime soon, but there are other fireworks that we can offer that might meet and even surpass your needs. You can browse fireworks online and you will definitely discover a whole range of opportunities. We know that you still love using decent noise makers and we love providing them for you for your Diawli fireworks display. 

Though the law restricts the purchase and use of some form of fireworks like crackers and the like, there are still good products to choose from. These are of verified quality and with even better effects. While enjoying yourself we would like to remind you to always follow the given directions with every purchase so as to ensure good and safe fun.

With the products bought at Fireworks Kingdom, you will see that we deliver what we promise.


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