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Fireworks displays in 2020


With the end of 2020 rolling around (thank goodness), the keen party-goers among us are looking forward to November 5th, Diwali, New Year's Eve, and the ushering in of 2021. Firework safety has always been our key concern during these celebrations, but this year we also have Covid-19 to contend with. Now, you may be thinking ‘wow I can’t believe THAT topic has already popped up in yet another article,’ but we have seen certain trends in July 4th celebrations that will likely make their way to our shores for celebrating the end of this atrocious year. So, here is our guide on safely celebrating with fireworks during Covid-19.


Drive-in fireworks


Over the past few months, drive-ins have seen a resurgence like no other - and for good reason. Gigs, comedy nights, and the classic cinema drive-ins have all been really popular in the UK so far this summer. For those that haven’t yet been to a drive-in, there are several benefits:


  1. Social distancing can be easily maintained when you’re sat in or next to your car in an allotted space.
  2. With space between each car, everyone has a full view of the display.
  3. Bad weather?... Scooch back into the comfort of your automobile.
  4. Not a fan of the volume of a full firework display? Roll up those windows...


With many July 4th celebrations stateside held as drive-ins to ensure those concerned for their health can still party, we’re predicting a few of these shows will pop up around the UK. The first of these that have caught our eye are the Autumn Lights shows in York (November 5th) and Lincoln (November 7th).


Firework Live Streams


While nothing beats the real thing, firework live streams are another sure-fire way to ensure you can celebrate while maintaining social distancing. London's NYE fireworks are always popular with those that can’t make it to a nearby display, and with more of us at home than ever, they will only be more in-demand this year.


We may even see other events choosing to live stream their celebrations, and can’t wait to see how technology will be used to help everyone give 2020 the send-off it (doesn’t) deserve!


Fireworks at home


For many with the garden space to accommodate close friends and family, a home fireworks display will be a great choice this year to safely bring together loved ones for a Covid-safe celebration. While some may feel unhappy with the bustle of larger crowds at displays, you can cater to these people and ensure their comfort and safety with appropriate social distancing measures in your backyard.


However, DON’T handle fireworks after using hand sanitiser, because the alcohol content that’ll kill germs is also highly flammable. We’ve covered how to use fireworks safely in more detail, so do read up further if you’re set on a home display this year! You can even select certain fireworks for people (and animals) that don’t like as much noise, which leads us to...


Silent Fireworks


With more people at home throughout the UK this year, we should all be conscious of our surroundings and anyone affected by fireworks when choosing a noise level for our displays. Silent fireworks achieve lower volumes by using smaller explosive charges and more visual effects such as streamers and multiple colours, rather than huge explosions. With some music and sparklers, your evening will feel just as lively as usual.


We stock a selection of silent fireworks so that you can celebrate without the full volume of a regular display - perfect for situations where the neighbours aren’t joining the festivities, or animals nearby could get spooked.

So, that's a wrap on our guide for how to celebrate with fireworks displays this year!


If you have any questions you would like to ask, feel free to contact us using the options we provide on our website. Our support team will be more than happy to answer all your queries in the fastest and most efficient manner possible!