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Fireworks kingdom provides the best fireworks for New Year!


Big celebrations such as New Year always look and feel much better if there is a lot of noise to support high spirits. Of course, the best way to achieve festive atmosphere is to engage some of the best fireworks you could possibly get. A huge blast in the sky followed by the burst of colours and a thunder like noises will pump up adrenaline and make you feel really high and positive, which is the entire idea of such celebrations!

Of course, you should always pay attention to the expenses, so the best fireworks for New Year are not necessarily the most powerful ones, as these will cost you an arm and a leg. Being aware that you might have overspent for this could easily ruin the festive mood and cause some quite unpleasant feelings.

We at Fireworks Kingdom are proud to have a selection of fireworks that are simply ideally suited for these huge events, as they provide exactly what you need, and they do so under the price tag that is more than acceptable for anyone! The most prominent items in this class include:

• Maximus

• Shazam

• Hercules Mini

• Grand Slam

• The Godfather

• The King Reborn

• Redemption


Maximus is one of the signature fireworks of our company, and one of the best-selling barrages we have in our stock. It is a pure “bang and the beauty” option that provides both high noise and spectacular visual effects!

With 107 shots of pure mayhem, this barrage will thrill all your guests and really set your party afire! Of course, the price for this piece of beauty is more than pretty – it comes for under 100 quid!


Shazam is yet another great firework barrage we take pride in having in our offer. It comes with 108 shots of pure noise and spectacular blasts and it is definitely one of the most popular and most effective options for occasions such a New Year’s Eve! It is also a cheap barrage that will take less than 100 GBP out of your pocket. This makes it one of the most cost-effective fireworks out there!

Hercules Mini

Hercules Mini hails from the standard Hercules barrage. It comes with the pretty much same power and effects, but half the size, and almost half the price of its “big brother”. This is one of the favourite options for parties, as the sales have shown thus far. Its 107 shots and 55 seconds of pure spectacle are definitely a great value for less than 50 quid!

Grand Slam

If you are looking to make a lasting impact on your guests, then you need something more powerful than simple barrages. Compound cakes are the right answer to this challenge, and Grand Slam display kit is definitely one of the best options in this segment. This great and spectacular compound cake is linkable (it can be also pre-linked) which means that all you have to do is to light it up once, sit back, and enjoy a spectacle that will take your breath away.

It is definitely one of the best imaginable fireworks for private parties and a display kit that will make coming of the New Year a magical moment!

Full 4 minutes filled with 306 shots of pure noise and intense light is more than enough to make your party a memorable one, and Grand Slam will provide you with exactly that!

Needless to say, this compound cake is not something that will put your budget under any kind of high pressure, as it is one of the cheapest fireworks in its segment, despite the fact that it is simply spectacular!

The Godfather

The very name of this compound cake says pretty much everything. We all know the movie of the same name, and we all know how iconic it has become over the years. The same thing can be said about this display kit!

It brings full 180 seconds of pure danger. It looks simply epic, and it will be heard across the city once you light it up and unleash it onto the night sky! With this affordable compound cake you will be able to impress and thrill your guests while not spending too much, since it comes at an incredibly low price for this type of fireworks.

The King Reborn

The King is back. Louder! Stronger! Meaner than ever! This single rocket is an evolution of the previously worldwide popular King. It means it is even stronger, louder, and more spectacular than its predecessor!

If you really look to make an impact that will simply stun all the people attending your New Year’s party and make them pay attention, then the King Reborn is simply a must-have item. The blast and the noise will make everyone look, for miles around! This rocket got its name rightfully!

The best part about it – it is definitely an affordable item that won’t put you under any kind of financial strain. Combining it with a nice barrage or compound cake will provide you with the experience that will be hard to forget!


Redemption is yet another magnificent barrage from our portfolio that will perfectly fit your New Year party! This mighty barrage is classified as a 1.3G class 3 fireworks, and it means you will get all the noise and all the light you could possibly want from a firework.

Its 80 shots will provide enough spectacle to draw everybody’s attention!

The best part is that it does not cost too much and that you will be able to obtain it and use it for a very modest price, leaving your funds available for other things you might have planned.

All in all, if you stick with this great selection of fireworks we decided to offer at low prices, you will be more than well equipped for a memorable night. This selection will always be the best option you could possibly get if you are looking for cheap and effective fireworks!