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Fireworks Kingdom supports VICTA!


We at Fireworks kingdom are happy to announce that we are now working with the charity group VICTA.

VICTA is a national charity organisation that provides support for blind or partially sighted children, young people and their families. Not all of us are fortunate enough to enjoy fireworks in their true visual beauty. However this does not mean that they cannot enjoy fireworks in other ways .People who are blind/partially sighted can still enjoy the weird and wonderful sounds and smells that come from fireworks. That is why we felt we would like to support this group, as we understand the importance of bringing the firework experience to everyone. This is the reason why a percentage of every purchase made online via Fireworks Kingdom will be donated directly to VICTA. People behind this organisation will then redirect these funds to those who need it most.

We hope that this campaign will make life a lot easier to those supported by VICTA, and we intend to continue this campaign indefinitely.

With each purchase you make via the Fireworks Kingdom website, you will be supporting these young people and children as well!