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How to build your own fireworks display and avoid huge expenses!


How to build your own fireworks display and avoid huge expenses?

Building your own fireworks display can prove to be a rather tricky task. It is often rather pricey ordeal, and in many cases people resort to hiring firework display companies to do the job. Of course, this approach will provide a great looking professional fireworks display, but it may turn out to be way too expensive. After all, pro fireworks are always spectacular, and the “WOW” effect always comes with a pretty price tag on it.

Is there a way to approach things differently and actually end up with having something really spectacular and amazing without investing way too much?

With the help of Fireworks Kingdom, there is a cheaper yet equally effective way to organize your own fireworks show that will take the breath away from all the spectators. All you need to do is to visit our build your own fireworks display section and it will allow you to create whatever the spectacle you might be looking for!

You are most probably wondering how this is possible, and how would you know which elements you need to add, what should be the frequency of fire, and how could you possibly connect everything in a safe and professional manner, since you don’t know how to do it. Stop worrying! Everything comes with detailed instructions, and all you need to do is to place it and enjoy the best spectacle possible!

These personalized fireworks are just an ideal option for any situation. They can be fully customized and you are able to pick the elements that will fit both your needs and your budget. Instead of investing in pyrotechnic professionals and their services, you can redirect those funds into purchasing additional elements and making your fireworks night a night to remember.

The options and combinations are numerous, and you can really be creative with the decision which fireworks to use. Still, there are several guidelines that could give you the exact idea on what to expect and how much money you would need for your local fireworks display:

  • 500 GBP would be sufficient for a smaller display, suitable for up to 50 spectators, and it provides some 5 to 6 minutes of spectacle with a good intensity of fire.
  • 750 GBP would be sufficient for a fireworks display that lasts up to 8 minutes, with a good intensity, and for the company of up to 100 people
  • 1000 GBP is sufficient to entertain up to 200 people for up to 8 minutes with a good intensity of fire.
  • 1500 GBP of investment is more than enough for a spectacle that would host up to 500 people, and would provide up to 10 minutes of show with high intensity fire
  • 2000 GBP and more is pretty much suitable for any audience, no matter how large it is, and the only thing you should pay attention to is to determine how spectacular you want it to look.

Of course, these are just the rough guidelines and the options for customization are numerous. You are free to combine the elements to achieve certain effects, and there are no real limits to it. Naturally, these displays also can be customized with the existing elements by simply changing the gaps between the sequences. With longer gaps between firing the elements, you will get the longer spectacle, but with lower intensity. Of course, it is completely up to you and your needs and desires, and the only real defining factor in determining these issues is your wish.

Combination of the elements also has no limitations. No matter if you are looking for barrages, single rocket launches, or a combination that might include roman candles, sparklers, wheels, or any other type of fireworks, it is possible to combine elements in any manner.

The ease of use is the focal point of this option. As there is no need for professional help, and everything gets delivered with detailed step by step guides, the user only needs to place the elements and fire them. There is nothing much to it that could in any way turn out to be an obstacle to creating a great show for your guests. Naturally, the very fact that you would be doing everything by yourself gives a touch of special appeal to it. Simply, people often feel impressed with those who can do unusual things that surpass common skillsets. It is not too hard to achieve this, as every custom made fireworks display comes with a detailed set of instructions that cover everything, from explanations on positioning elements, to explanations on how to adjust the fire frequency, how to follow the safety rules, and all other important elements that will allow you to complete the display in the best possible manner. You can view further safety rules for your display in our dedicated firework safety guide.

Naturally, the safety measures for each of the elements are provided as well, with detailed explanations on what not to do, what are the dangers, and what are the possible consequences of inappropriate use.

With all of this provided, all you need to do is to follow the instructions and build your own fireworks display that will leave your guests amazed on every possible level.

Everything related to this segment you can find on this link. For any additional information you might require, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions and share our experience with you. Once you try this approach, you will never get back to pre-made firework displays. This option provides so much possibilities to be creative and make things of pure beauty, that once you try it, you will be returning for more times and again!