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Loudest Fireworks in the UK!


There are many elements that influence the satisfaction of a customer when it comes to fireworks. One of the most important, at least in the UK is the noise level. The loud fireworks are simply the most popular ones in the entire UK, and there is a very good reason behind this.

Namely, fireworks are all about the spectacle and the impression that will have lasting effects. It is not that hard to comprehend that whoever decides to light the skies and invests some money in it wants everybody to know the splash has been made. What better is there than to add a thunder to the flashes and make everybody notice your spectacle whether they want it or not?

Finding the fireworks for sale in the UK is not as simple as it may seem at the first glance, and there are several reasons why this is the case.

First of all, there are various safety regulations that make production, storage, and sales a bit tricky ordeal. Secondly, many people focus on finding very cheap fireworks for sale, as they figure that they can make the best deal pursuing that principle. Finally, some people are making extra efforts while attempting to find best fireworks to buy and end up overspending heavily. So, how to deal with these issues, and how to make the best purchase is the question that lingers constantly. Still, there is a way to pursue this kind of a purchase and avoid making mistakes.

First of all, it is important to know that very cheap fireworks simply can’t be the best buy if you wish to make a real impact and stay safe. Low price on some items that are being advertised as loud and spectacular can be only explained by low quality, and that means lower safety, possible duds, and generally not the effect you would expect from such a product.

Secondly – the best is always what provides the best value for the money you invest. There is little sense in paying double or even triple for the fireworks that are marginally louder than their much cheaper competitors. It is not likely that the investment will pay off, and it is even not certain that you will be able to notice any difference in noise levels at all.

Finally – security is everything and you should focus to buy only from the providers that follow all the regulations, and that produce and store the fireworks in the manner that will guarantee safety to both you and your guests.

We at Fireworks Kingdom definitely provide the best and the loudest fireworks in the entire United Kingdom, and we respect the laws to the fullest. It means that we are authorised to sell even the fireworks that are so strong and so loud that they can be ONLY sold by the providers who have a full 1.3G storage capability!

This year, we got several additions to our portfolio that fall into this group:


The King Reborn




This is one of the loudest fireworks you will ever hear! It belongs into the category 3 fireworks, and the effect it creates will leave you speechless! The reaction of people who see and hear it at work for the very first time will tell you all! Currently, it is available at special price, and it makes it one of the best buys you will be able to find anywhere!

The King Reborn

This is one of the most potent rockets you will ever get to see! The new version of the famous King will provide you with one of the most spectacular explosions you will ever hear. It has a 180 gram explosive charge to it and that is more than enough to simply stun and thrill all your guests who get the chance to hear it!


Hercules was for over 10 years one of the flagships of Brothers Pyrotechnics, and now it is available in a Limited Edition version! This awesome barrage got even louder and more mesmerising than it was before! With almost 1 kg of explosive in it, this is definitely a barrage you will LOVE! It is also currently available at the price that is significantly lower than it is the price for any of its even remotely comparable competitors on the market!


Maximus is yet another barrage that falls into the “high noise” category of fireworks. It also contains almost a kilo of explosives, nicely spread over 107 shots it contains. The level of noise is really spectacular, and it is followed by equally thrilling visual effects. On top of that, this magnificent barrage lasts long enough that it is absolutely impossible to ignore it even if you would like to! It is also available at the special price until the further notice!

These are, of course, only some of the leading items Fireworks kingdom is able to offer to its customers, but there is much more to it! If you decide to take some time and take a good look at our portfolio, you will most certainly find an option that will perfectly fit both your budget and your needs!

In this way, you will be able to make that “best buy” move and avoid possibilities of getting fireworks that are not strong or loud enough, or to pay too much for something that could be found at better price. Simply said – we have the best deals out there, and we intend to keep it that way!

Since we do possess 1.3G capabilities, you can rest assured that we are dealing with top quality items, and that we treat them in the best possible way! Check out our portfolio and you will find the fireworks you need! If you have any questions about any certain product or any aspect of the ordering and delivery process, feel free to give us a call!