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Low noise fireworks – solution for your bonfire night


Almost everybody enjoys nice firework displays, but there are people that can’t actually enjoy them to the fullest. These are mostly the ones with sensitive pets and little children. As these two groups are rather sensitive to high noise, it is definitely the best idea to expose them to it.

It can mean only 2 things: either you will have to give up fireworks completely, or you will have to look for low noise fireworks that will provide spectacle without causing any stress to your kids or your pets.

Most people will argue that it is hard to enjoy quiet fireworks. Simply, a roman candle can’t really compare to a spectacular barrage. Still, when no other options are on the table, enjoying low noise fireworks CAN be quite fun.

We at the Fireworks Kingdom are fully aware of the problems people with children and pets might have, so we have developed a series of low noise fireworks that will provide all the thrills you crave for without stepping out of the aforementioned boundaries. Our quiet fireworks are still rather spectacular and definitely allow some real enjoyment without putting too much pressure on your kids or your pets. By using these, you will be able to achieve the festive atmosphere that is so important for the holidays, and avoid grave consequences high noise fireworks could cause with the sensitive ears around you.

The best examples of the low noise fireworks we provide within our portfolio include:

• Hokus Pokus

• Leaping Lizzards

• Strike a Rose

• Splitter

• Angel Dust

Hokus Pokus

Hokus Pokus is a low noise fireworks fountain that provides quite a lot of fun and quite a spectacular visual effects without producing high noise. It contains only one shot that allows almost a full minute (50 seconds) of fun. This fountain gives a constant flow of red, green, and purple sparks that will turn your bonfire night into a magical experience. At the same time, this quiet firework will not stress out your pets and kids, and they will be also able to enjoy the rhapsody of light without feeling stressed at all. On top of that, this is a rather cheap firework that will be most certainly worth every penny you invest in it.

Leaping Lizzards

Leaping Lizzards is yet another low noise firework that will enable you to enjoy a really spectacular bonfire night without generating a thunderstorm that would stress out sensitive ears. It also contains a single shot, but provides over a minute of fun at the same time. 80 seconds of combining streams of sparks with small bursts of light will definitely provide as much of spectacle as possible without raising some serious noise. The visual effects are great, and the noise is really being kept at the minimum with this Category 2 fountain.

Strike a Rose

Strike a Rose is more of a medium noise barrage that is simply perfectly suited for gender reveal parties. It is one of the rare fireworks that is not too loud, and provides a very tender red light shots that make a perfect element for such occasions. Although it is a tad louder than the previously mentioned options, it is still a lot quieter than the classic barrages and will not produce any excess stress on your kids or your pets. It contains 25 shots evenly spread over 25 seconds so it definitely combines beauty and the intensity to provide quite pleasing results. This will be a fireworks of choice for all those who really don’t want to give up barrages and simply have to keep the noise down. Also, this is one of the cheapest options when it comes to barrages, and it provides really a lot for the money invested.


Splitter is one of the most spectacular barrages in the low noise fireworks portfolio. It is on par with the much louder options in terms of visual effects, and it will not leave you disappointed for sure. The combination of red rockets popping up vertically, and non-exploding rockets on the side give almost an impression of a magical flower made out of pure light opening right in front of your eyes. That is a spectacle that really can’t be matched by any other low noise firework on the market.

Angel Dust:

Angel Dust brings us 25 shots of pure joy. This low noise barrage is amongst the prettiest quiet fireworks you will ever get to see. The shots are of a different colour, so you will get to see all possible shades of red, yellow, green, and purple at the tip of the fountain of light it provides with each shot. When you combine extremely low price, very low noise, and spectacular visual effects, you get Angel Dust – one of the prettiest fireworks in its class.

This is far from everything we have to offer in the segment of quiet fireworks. The options are quite abundant and it is rather easy to find something that will please both your taste and your budget preferences. Most importantly, all of these fireworks are extremely pet friendly, and they will not cause your cat or dog to have a heart attack, nor will they wake up or disturb your toddlers.

All you need to do in order to make your bonfire displays memorable and environment friendly is to browse through our website and pick your favourites. Naturally, if you have any doubts or any questions about any of the items we provide, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out. Additionally, each of our items has a YouTube video attached to it, so you can easily see all of these low noise fireworks in action prior to purchasing them.