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Ready, set, fire! The World cup season is upon us!


All roads lead to Moscow as we prepare for the World cup. It has been 10 years since Russia has been chosen as the host of 2018 World cup and all spectators, including the ones packing up the stadium and those watching the development at home, expect a spectacle.

All political tensions are put, temporarily, aside as the whole world comes together to play some football. Pubs and homes alike are quieter, as people watch the games transfixed.

For five weeks we will be soaking up the atmosphere from the stadiums, but even before the first match Russia-Saudi Arabia begins, we look forward to the opening ceremony. Russia always aims to impress and surpass expectations, so in addition to international stars like Robbie Williams and other wonderful performances, there will definitely be some mind-blowing fireworks displays painting the sky over Luzhniki Stadium.

Hosting your world cup party

This year the Cup will feature 64 matches played by 32 national teams from across the world. As you are sure to have your favourites, not only teams but also must-see matches, you could consider attending or even hosting your own world cup party. Plenty of seating, check, snacks and cold drinks, double check, and just don’t forget your mini-tribute to the opening ceremony – the fireworks.

Before the game starts but also for celebrating a win, nothing beats rockets, and we suggest some high-noise makers like:

• King-dom

• 4-King Marvellous

If you want to make some noise, you want King-dom. Its 6 rockets will be a decent entertainment contribution to your celebration. 4-King Marvellous is a similar product, whose 4 rockets will match any other rocket set. For either of these sets, it is important to have enough room to fire them, as the distance between the spectators and the rockets should be no less than 25 metres.

Party isn’t over when the game is finished, as any good match deserves an afterparty. For breaking monotony through the night fire some candles and barrages like:

• Glitter Bombs

• Hercules Mini

You don’t need more than 5 metres of distance between you and your Glitter Bomb barrage and still, you will get noise of high volume. Then again if you want a bit less noise but just as much fun, you should opt for Hercules Mini. Setting up a perimeter of 8 metres will be completely worth it, as for almost an hour you will be mesmerised by its 105 shorts!

If you wish to throw a party which you will remember many football seasons after and yet want as little as possible work dealing with the fireworks themselves, perhaps you could consider one of our many display kits. For those who crave variety, Container Load is the safe bet, as it has different rocket sets and barrages for you to enjoy. Then again if you know what you like, a ready kit like The Godfather 2 Display Kit may be the perfect choice.

Especially if you have some little ones attending your party, you could try some sparkles. Even during the game, you can light some and cheer your team. Even if you are all grown up, there is something special about them, perhaps it reminds us of the times when there was no (birthday) party without them. You can even place them around the food to give it a more festive feel.

Stay safe during the tournament

When the spirits are high, especially during celebrations, it is important to keep a cool head and handle all fireworks with caution. Always read instructions for each kind, as they might have special needs when it comes to distance requirements, noise levels and the like.

Also, make sure that all spectators at your party are aware of the distance and are safely behind it.

Another thing which tends to be disregarded it consumption of alcoholic beverages in combination with handling fireworks. Though our products are easy to use and set up, they are still flammable and should be operated with care.

In the end, don’t forget to properly dispose of your fireworks, as instructed. Usually, you won’t need more than a bucket of water to soak them in.

Why choose Fireworks Kingdom?

First of all, we love fireworks and we know everything there is to know about them. Our products and service are always in accordance with law and safety regulations.

Our online shop is extremely easy to use, and on our site you can get all necessary info on each product, such as its class, noise production and the like. You can choose and change parameters according to your needs and likes, for instance, the price and level of noise.

After you’ve made your selection, you can simply order them and they will be sent to you.

Just like a bday party or a wedding shouldn’t really go out without a bang, so shouldn’t your World cup party. Surprise your guests and entertain them with more than just a screen, some food, and drinks. Imagine standing together and firing a rocket high into the sky. Imagine the memories you will make. Noise piercing through the night and some colours lighting up the sky will be the best way to accompany the games you cheered on with each other.

We have fireworks for every occasion and every space and noise tolerance. So if you have a spacious garden, why not consider one of our rockets, or a few of them, to properly celebrate the event. Then again if you want something that doesn’t require as much room, or as much noise, we have something for you too. Our online shop is extremely easy to use and you can customise your search.

To avoid accidents, always think safety first, so all of your memories would be happy ones. Following a few simple instructions will ensure that you and your guests have a great time.

So check out our online offer and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or questions.