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The best ways to finance fireworks for New Year and other holidays


Buying fireworks in regular shops or online is always a pricey business. Simply, fireworks for New Year, bonfire night, Christmas, or any other party are expensive, and the more important the occasion, the more expensive the fireworks are. Of course, this is something that could make many people compromise on the quality, as handing out a substantial sum of money in a single batch is always discouraging.

On the other hand, compromising with the quality is not always the best idea there is. Low quality fireworks can be dangerous, and even if you opt for a cheap fireworks option with the reliable provider such as fireworks Kingdom, the effects will be modest and unimpressive in most cases. Simply said – the best options out there cost money, and there is not much you could do about it. You will have to pay the price for a really spectacular fireworks garden party.

There are a few ways to be able to buy the best quality items without putting your budget on a strain:

• Saving throughout the year

• Taking loans

• Using Fireworks Kingdom financing option

Saving money

Making a great plan to save the money out of each pay check in order to make it ready for the fireworks season might sound good in the beginning, but it requires a hard mental discipline to stick to it and avoid spending the money on something else. Unexpected expenses are always present and it is almost a guarantee that your fireworks money will be spent on bills, car repair, a new gadget, or any other unpredicted item.

This is why such an approach is seldom an effective one. It is worth of trying, but if you manage to spend the money in advance, then there will be little consolation from the “nice try”.

Taking loans

We live in the world where loans are widely accepted and widely used for everything that requires any larger amount of money. Still, the loans come with interest rates and that means that you will be paying more if you opt for this method of fireworks financing.

There are always other things that require financing through these means, and those other things are usually more important than fireworks, although they are not as enjoyable. The bottom line is that you wish to save the loans option for major interventions on your household, new appliances, new car, travels and leisure. Using classic or cash loans for obtaining fireworks would be an acceptable option if there were not for the third option we mentioned.

Fireworks Kingdom financing

We at Fireworks Kingdom are well aware that investing in epic New Year fireworks is something that could burden your budget. That is why we came up with the solution that will solve all your problems!

We integrated Deko platform services into our fireworks online store, and with this option you are able to get whatever you wish using a quick loan with 0% interest. It does sound too good to be true, but you can rest assured that this option works.

Deko platform allows taking loans from the number of potential lenders, and it is very easy to apply and get your fireworks financing approved in no time. Of course, all options for returns and cancellations are still on the table, same as if you were making a purchase without using a loan.

So, what do you need in order to be eligible for this type of financing?

The set of rules is pretty simple and straight forward. First of all, you need to be a citizen of the UK or to be a permanent resident who has been living in the UK for the minimum of 3 years.

You will also need to have a bank account in any of the UK banks, and you will have to be a regularly employed, either as a full time employee, or a part time employee with the minimum of 16 hours a week, and with the income of at least GBP 5000 per year.

Finally, you have to be at least 18 years of age, and have a good history of paying the loans in the past. Once all of this has been cleared, you only need to provide us with your email address so we are able to send you the documentation related to the loan, and you are good to go.

The decision making process is extremely efficient and quick, so you will be able to get your quick fireworks loan approved in no time.

The rest is pretty much as simple as it gets. Once you get the approval, you need to pay the deposit that takes at least 10% of the entire value of the fireworks bought online, and the order will be processed.

The rest of the instalments will be processed each month, and depending on the option you decided to use, the rest of the bill will be split to 6 to 12 instalments and regularly charged to your bank account with no interest at all. Usually, the first charge appears about a month after the purchase.

This makes shopping for the New Year fireworks so much simpler. You will be able to relax and organise a party with fireworks using only the best of the best, and you won’t be thinking twice about it! Think of it as of the saving money for fireworks, but in advance.

Of course, this approach will unlock the opportunity to buy the best of the best. Instead of going with rather cheap options, you will be able to afford the best barrages from our offer, as well as the amazing compound cake fireworks we have. This way, you will organise a party that will be long remembered, and immensely enjoyed.

There is not a single good reason why not to go with this option as it is the most affordable, incredibly convenient, and really efficient.

If you have any additional questions about fireworks financing we offer, feel free to contact us via our website at any moment and we will be more than happy to help you with everything you might need.