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New Year is coming – fireworks are on sale!


New Year is approaching rapidly, and this represents the last chance this year to enjoy in some really spectacular fireworks. Many people will head to the public squares where cities will throw a show for free, but there are also many people that will meet the New Year in their homes and will be on the hunt for fireworks for New Year.

For those who will stay home or anywhere outside the main events, and wish to enjoy fireworks at midnight, the only solution is to organise the happening on their own. Many will opt for this, and they will face a challenge of finding the right outlet where to buy fireworks for that occasion.

Since the season of fireworks is at its peak and reaching the culmination, there might be some logistic problems in obtaining the items you will need for organising this kind of event. The problems can be numerous, from finding the best deals, to finding fireworks at all, since the stocks are pretty much depleted with many retailers after the bonfire night.

These problems can easily be solved using the Fireworks Kingdom website, and you might easily end up with the best fireworks show you could possibly imagine if you decide to use us!

It is rather simple to explain why we are the best option if you are looking to buy fireworks for New Year:

• Our stock is full

• Our prices are unmatched

• We have a special promotion for this occasion

• We deliver nationwide

• We deal ONLY with high quality fireworks

The stock

With us, there will be no unpleasant surprises when it comes to availability of New Year fireworks. Our stock is regularly replenished, and even the best selling items are constantly available. Of course, during the peaks in demand some items may be sold out, but in most cases the stock is replenished within a few days.

It means you WILL be able to find what you are looking for. Our best products such as barrages and compound cakes are always a great solution. All you need to do if you wish to enjoy them is to place an order on our website, and you will have a real spectacle that does not fall back even to the municipal events of the same kind!

The prices

The prices can cause pretty ugly surprises during the peak season in fireworks industry. Simply, there are retailers that will take the advantage of the fact that the supply becomes scares and that there is a temporary monopoly on the market.

This will NEVER be the casa with Fireworks Kingdom. We actually have a number of products that are discounted during the season, and on top of that, we do provide some New Year specials as well. These deals are custom tailored to provide you with the best fireworks experience you can possibly get at the lowest prices possible.

Finally, there is our price match policy that makes sure you will always get our products at the lowest price on the market. Simply, if you manage to find the same product anywhere else at lower price than listed on our website – we will match it and you won’t have to change the supplier.

Special promo campaign

We have launched a special promo campaign for New Year and it includes fireworks at special discounted prices that will make your New Year celebration a really special one. It includes a variety of different types of fireworks, from single rockets, via rocket packs, to barrages and compound cakes.

Using this special offer, you can be rest assured that you ARE getting the best deal out there. Since the items in the special promo offer are that varied, it is easy to tailor the order to fit both your needs and your budget in a seamless and convenient way. Of course, using this offer as a stand-alone solution is not mandatory, so you can combine these special deals with the regular offer to create a spectacle that will please you and your audience completely.

Nation-wide delivery

This element is easily one of the most important ones in our offer. By providing a nation-wide delivery for our fireworks, we help you save both time and energy. There is no need to travel at all in order to get our fireworks. As the matter in fact, you don’t even have to leave your room to get them, no matter if you are living in Doncaster, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, or anywhere in the UK.

All that is required is to place an online order, and we will deliver your fireworks directly to your doorstep. It leaves you a lot more time to dedicate to shopping for Christmas and New Year presents, or to rest or do anything you want. Since there is a free delivery option for all orders larger than 250 pounds, this will in most cases have no effect on the final price.

Quality, quality, quality

It is never too much to remind you that the quality of fireworks is of a paramount importance. Low quality products in this category have the potential not only to disappoint you and your guests by not providing the effects one would expect, but they can also be quite dangerous.

We do comply with the strictest UK laws when it comes to fireworks quality and that is always a nice guarantee to have. On top of that, each and every piece we offer comes with a YouTube video of it in action. This will guarantee that you will get EXACTLY what you hoped for, and both your safety and your amusement levels will be protected.

All in all, if you are wondering where to buy fireworks for New Year, it is time to stop having any doubts. Fireworks Kingdom is definitely the best outlet for such a purchase, and we will be more than happy to serve you!