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What are Silent Fireworks?



Many households have neighbours, pets, and other reasons that mean standard, loud fireworks are impractical. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on creating a fantastic firework display! With silent fireworks, you can still host an extraordinary celebration, but with less of a bang.


Read on to find out more about silent fireworks.


What are silent fireworks?


Silent fireworks are fireworks that emit a low level of noise in comparison to standard fireworks. You should bear in mind that all fireworks make some degree of noise when they are used, whether this be a quiet whistle or pop. Nevertheless, low-noise fireworks are great solutions for those wanting to put on a great display with minimal noise.


There are many instances where silent fireworks may be the best option, these include:


  • Late night displays – In the UK, it is illegal to set off any type of firework between the hours of 11pm and 7am, even if they are silent. However, if you decide to put on a display in the hours leading up to 11pm, you may want to opt for silent fireworks as they are less likely to cause disturbances. 


  • Displays in a built-up area – If you live in a built-up area with plenty of neighbours, you’ll want to keep noise levels low in order to avoid disturbing the local community – you can do this with quiet fireworks.


  • Homes with pets – Some pets can become anxious due to the loud noises caused by standard fireworks. If you or your neighbours have pets, a display with silent fireworks could be the most suitable option.


  • Out of season firework displays – Most people expect to hear loud noises caused by fireworks around New Year’s Day and Bonfire Night. If you’re putting on a display outside of these occasions, silent fireworks may be more suitable as you’re less likely to receive noise complaints.


  • Fireworks for children or older people – Children and the elderly can become startled by loud noises. Choosing silent fireworks for your display can help to prevent this.

How loud are fireworks?


Public fireworks in the UK are limited to 120 db, meanwhile professional displays can be up to 175 db. Contrastingly, silent fireworks typically have a lower noise level of between 70 db to 90 db. 


This may not seem like a large decrease in sound at first, but decibels are logarithmic. This means that for every ten decibel increase, noises are actually ten times louder.


How do silent fireworks work?


Silent fireworks are made with a reduced amount of flash powder and this reduces the level of noise that they produce. Flash powder is a chemical made from the mixing of oxidizer and metallic fuel, it is responsible for the loud bang that fireworks make.


Instead of being centred around loud noises, low noise fireworks focus on displaying colourful and exciting effects.


What types of fireworks are quiet?


If you’re looking for fireworks for a quiet display, there are a number of silent firework types that you can choose from.


These include:


Fountain fireworks


Unlike standard fireworks, fountain fireworks do not produce loud bangs, so they are a great option for low noise displays. 


Fountains with coloured stars (jellybean) and silver sparks produce amazing lights and their “whoosh” sounds don’t travel far. These types of fountains usually last up to 100 seconds and they are common in firework selection boxes.

Strobes are another example of silent fountain fireworks – they are typically used at the beginning of displays. Meanwhile, multi-effect fountains produce crackling sounds that are less impactful than loud bangs from standard fireworks.

Catherine wheels


Catherine wheel fireworks create a sparkling spinning display with low noise crackling sounds. These fireworks typically last up to 50 seconds in total.

Roman candles


Roman candles shoot lighting effects up into the air and are a popular choice for many firework displays. These effects are stacked in long vertical tubes and have a smaller bore – this helps to keep noise levels low. Roman candles typically last up to 40 seconds in total.

Which cakes and barrages are quiet?


Cakes and barrages are commonly used for large displays due to their impressive effects and loud bangs. However, a great deal of firework brands now produce low noise cakes and barrages which provide colourful comet tails, splits, and crackle sounds instead of loud bangs.


Here are a few examples of the silent cakes and barrages available:


Colourful stars/Comets


These fireworks simply produce a beautiful display of stars in various colours. The only sound emitted is from the initial launch of the firework.


Crossette cakes


An impressive low-noise display, this type of firework features a coloured star that is split into three or four other stars. This effect produces more of a knock sound than a bang.


Crackling mines


As the name suggests, crackling mines create an exciting display with crackling sounds that cause less of a stir than the bang from standard fireworks.



Low noise barrages


Barrages provide an impressive display with a series of rockets. Low noise barrages are an excellent choice for family displays as they emit minimal noise whilst creating exciting colourful effects. 


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