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Why you should opt for FK and not supermarket fireworks?


Where to start? There are just so many reasons not to buy fireworks at the supermarket. I know, when preparing for a celebration and getting other party gear at a supermarket, it seems so much easier to purchase your fireworks there as well. Also, while browsing between shelves you are surrounded by price tags and ‘best deal’ posts, which makes you think you are really getting your money’s worth.

Additional problems arise if you have questions or doubts about a particular product as supermarket employees can only do so much to help you out. Also, the range of products seems vast but firework strength you can find there is extremely limited, so you might have to settle for less of a bang as there is nothing better to buy.

Thus, we focus on the following items to show why you should choose us next time, instead of a supermarket when buying rocket, candles, and barrages:

• Convenience

• Better deal

• Better expertise

• Wider range of fireworks, including stronger ones.

Each and every argument mentioned can be an argument for FK and against supermarket fireworks. So, let us begin.


While you are at the store, buying some supplies for your party you might think it is more convenient to buy your fireworks at the same place. Though it might seem logical, buying your fireworks online might be just as convenient, if not more.

If you buy fireworks online, it is actually extremely easy to do. You can do it at home or anywhere else. All you need is a device and access to the internet in order to make your purchase. You can take your time and compare all the info on each product. Thus, it is much simpler and quicker to find the product that meets your requirements, like price range, loudness, number of shoots and the like. You can take your time and revisit the site whenever.

We offer different firework brands and among them you can find the one, or more, which responds to your needs.

After finishing your purchase, the product you have chosen comes to you, instead of the other way around. If that isn’t convenient, I don’t know what is.

Better deal

Ok, so we may have been successful at convincing you that online purchase of fireworks is just as convenient as getting some Asda fireworks, but you still think that a supermarket can offer you a better deal. Perhaps they could, but they won’t.

All those flashy posts with ‘special offer’ and discounts don’t have to mean that it is cheaper than buying fireworks from an online store. Actually, let’s look at the figures. Take Tesco for example, they sell a Barrage pack called "Powershock barrage pack" for £100 and offers only 116 shots. In comparison, at Fireworks Kingdom you can get "DJANGO Barrage pack" for only £64.99 and also get 122 shots!

This is why it is important to compare services and to always look for a better price. Though you might be too busy to compare and contrast, you can always be sure that with FK you are getting the best deal.

Better expertise

Hopefully, we have made some sound arguments on the convenience of purchase and better deals you can find on an online store. Furthermore, we will try to show you why it is better to acquire a product from a specialized store like ours.

Stores like Lidl are in the business of selling a lot of different merchandise and selling them quickly. Though they sell fireworks as well that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are experts for every item they are selling including fireworks and that they are able to help you with your fireworks purchase.

Though expertise may not be important for all items, it is important when dealing with a product which should be bought and used with care, especially rockets and barrages.

We are in the business of selling only fireworks so we know all about them and more. As we want you to have the best possible experience of using our products, we make sure that they are not only safe to use but, moreover, that they meet and surpass your expectations.

Even though you are buying from our online store and have information on every product, you can always contact us and let us answer any possible questions and make recommendations if need be. This includes information on how to safely use the product, how to use its full potential as well as how to get rid of it after it has been fired.

Wider range of products, stronger fireworks

So, there are different reasons to opt for Fireworks Kingdom: our online store makes the selection and purchase easy, you can also find best deals and compare different options with a few keystrokes, and you can rely on our expertise and assistance along the way. That should be enough to sway you to our side, but there is more.

With some Sainsbury’s fireworks, for example, you cannot expect much excitement. Supermarkets generally focus on smaller packs which you pick up along the way. Then, after firing them, you might be left disappointed as they won’t cause much of a spectacle.

However, at Fireworks Kingdom you have a much larger fireworks selection to choose from, which includes the much more powerful 1.3G items and the larger rockets, but which are, of course, completely safe to use.

As you have seen, there is no real reason why you should still get your fireworks at the supermarket. Here, at Fireworks Kingdom, we are experienced professionals who can assist you if you need us and we offer only quality products which will satisfy your wishes and be easy and safe to use and dispose of later on. Likewise, our online store will prove an easier way to find the items which meet your different criteria. This includes price, number of shots, loudness and the like. In this way, you will not only get a better-suited product for yourself but also save your money and your time.