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Fireworks displays in 2020

With the end of 2020 rolling around (thank goodness), the keen party-goers among us are looking forward to November 5th, Diwali, New Year's Eve, and the ushering in of 2021. Firework safety has always been our key concern during these celebrations, but this year we also have Covid-19 to contend with. Now, you may be thinking "wow I can't believe THAT topic has already popped up in yet another article," but we have seen certain trends in July 4th celebrations that will likely make their way to our shores for celebrating the end of this atrocious year. So, here is our guide on safely celebrating with fireworks during Covid-19.

Fireworks for sale in Doncaster! The best firework shop in Yorkshire

Fireworks suppliers are quite different from each other in terms of quality of goods and quality of services. Fireworks Kingdom takes pride in the fact that we provide the best fireworks for sale in Doncaster, and that we are amongst the best providers in the entire UK. Read this article and find out why we are THAT good!

Fireworks kingdom provides the best fireworks for New Year!

Finding the right New Year fireworks is not an easy task. Our special selection for this occasion will absolutely thrill you as it is both effective and cheap!

Fireworks Kingdom supports VICTA!

Fireworks Kingdom decides to support VICTA by donating a portion of sales made via our website to this charity organisation. Read all about it here!

Grab the opportunity – free fireworks at the Fireworks Kingdom!

The largest giveaway is here! Every customer that spends more than 50 quid will get a special present! Click and read all about it!

How to build your own fireworks display and avoid huge expenses!

If you ever wished to build your own fireworks display, but didn’t know how to do it, this is the solution. We will provide you with everything you need to know. Click and explore!

How to safely host a firework display at home

With large displays in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and London already cancelled this year, Fireworks Kingdom have given advice on how to safely celebrate an at-home fireworks display.

How to use fireworks safely - stay safe on bonfire night

Staying safe on a bonfire night is of a paramount importance! Read here how to use fireworks safely and avoid all possible accidents.

Loudest Fireworks in the UK!

Buying the loudest possible fireworks in the UK can be a tricky process as it can be expensive or in some cases even unsafe! Read this article and we will give you a few valuable tips how to make this purchase and never feel sorry about it!

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