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Low noise fireworks – solution for your bonfire night

Low noise fireworks are more than a handy option for all those people who enjoy bonfire displays and have toddlers or pets. These fireworks are extremely beautiful and can match the high noise counterparts, without generating stress to sensitive ears. We have a rather great collection of those! Check them out!

My pet hates fireworks – Guide to keeping pets calm on Bonfire night

Pets can get really stressed about fireworks. This article explains how to keep your pets safe and stress free during Bonfire night and other events that involve fireworks.

New additions to Fireworks Kingdom family are here!

Fireworks Kingdom just got an entire set of new fireworks that haven’t been seen ever before! There is everything from low noise fireworks, over wedding fireworks, to spectacular barrages and rocket packs! Check them out!

New Year Fireworks UK – Buying Big To Create Magic!

Big New Year fireworks are more than a fun thing to see. Now you can organise one such spectacle without spending too much. Click and read what items to choose and how to organise a New Year’s fireworks party that will be remembered!

New Year is coming – fireworks are on sale!

Fireworks Kingdom brings one of the best offers for those who wish to buy fireworks for the New Year. Click here and read why you should do business with us!

Organizing a bonfire night – a ticket to success!

Pubs and clubs in the UK often organize bonfire nights, and we at Fireworks Kingdom can provide all the help you might need with those. This article explains how you can include those events in your portfolio, and why that is a solid business move.

Ready, set, fire! The World cup season is upon us!

2018 FIFA World Cup is upon us! Fireworks are great additions to watching games live, and a perfect way to celebrate!

The best fireworks of 2017 in the UK – we have them all!

Choosing the best fireworks of 2017 in the UK as a solution for your bonfire night can be the best decision you have ever made! Read this article and discover how we are able to help you with making the best decision on that issue!

The best ways to finance fireworks for New Year and other holidays

Buying fireworks for New Year, bonfire night, Christmas, or any other special occasion can be quite expensive. This is how you can do it properly, without putting strain on your budget or molesting yourself with the banks.

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