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Deal of the Week

Easter is Almost here!

With chocolate eggs and lots of fun just around the corner, we decided to add a few extra discounts for this week only! (Please note we are not open on bank holidays.)

Looking for a great deal? Well look no further! This is where we put our best value offers which will change every 2 weeks whilst stock lasts. Why not give one a try or get prepare for your amazing Bonfire Night!

Deal of the Week

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Blazing Star By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Blazing Star by Brothers Pyrotechnics is a classic barrage that still impresses us to this day. This fireworks produces 24 huge sets of dragon eggs that sparkle in the sky, with a safety distance of just 8 metres. Truly a great affordable firework for any back garden party. Learn More

RRP: £15.99

Save 40%

Lavish By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Lavish by Brothers Pyrotechnics is an amazing firework barrage; one of our personal favourites. The combination of effects and colours, along with the low price makes this barrage a simple must-have for any garden party! Learn More

RRP: £20.99

Save 36%

Lion King By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Lion King by Brothers Pyrotechnics focuses on one specific effect, cascading stars. If you’re looking for a consistent single effect in a Brothers firework to add to your display, this is the one for you. This Cat 2 barrage is affordable, and can be easily added to a larger display, without having to spend too much. One thing is certain, you will be making a great investment by buying this barrage! Learn More

RRP: £29.99

Save 37%

Diamond Princess By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Diamond Princess by Brothers Pyrotechnics is a single ignition barrage that's pretty and pink on the packaging, but certainly packs a punch with its golden bursts/willows, coloured strobes and crackling. This favourite classic firework from Brothers has a safety distance of just 8 metres making it great for any display! Learn More

RRP: £44.99

Save 35%

Rip By Brothers Pyrotechnics


RIP compound cake is simply an epic firework. Its 50 shots of rapid fire will surely make an impression on every single spectator out there! This amazing fireworks barrage will bring the element of awe produced by a high tempo cannonade. Green and red tails of light this barrage produces culminate in huge bursts of golden and blue, and that really looks spectacular. You can be rest assured that your bonfire night will be a huge success with the help of this high noise Category 2 barrage. The best part about it is the price! RIP is a affordable firework that is easily available even if you have a limited budget! Thanks to the combination of the effects it provides and the price, it is ideal for any occasion! Learn More

RRP: £46.99

Save 37%

Roaring By Brothers Pyrotechnics


If you enjoy a high paced fireworks, then Roaring should be the barrage for you! The effects that its 50 shots create are pretty incredible. It looks like you are firing a Gatling gun that uses rainbows as its ammunition! Everything is on a high note here – the sound, the intensity, and the colours! The only thing that is not high is the price, as this is a rather affordable barrage for its class! Learn More

RRP: £46.99

Save 37%

Shazam By Brothers Pyrotechnics


There is no decent fireworks display without something that brings high intensity and magical effects. Shazam is a barrage that brings exactly that! It will provide the frenzy of light and noise over 100 seconds, and you WILL be impressed once you see it at work. This Cat 3 fireworks provides all the fun you might require with its 108 shots of pure magic! Learn More

RRP: £139.99

Save 36%

Beat Thy Neighbour By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Do you want to be the star of the show this Bonfire Night? Want to light it once and then grab a beer? This display kit is a series of barrages that are all linkable (or pre-linked) allowing you to just light the first one and sit back whilst your display works for you. Learn More

RRP: £149.99

Save 37%

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