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Ready-Made Packs

Here we have a huge selection of ready made firework packs to suit all budgets.

So if you are just wanting a few fireworks for the back garden or if you are a pub or club looking to have a show stopping display then why not check out our carefully selected firework packages. 

Our team have hand selected the best fireworks for every budget, If you can find what you are looking for you can always head over to our build your own display section of the website and have a go a putting together your own show. 

Ready-Made Packs

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Wedding Bells By Fireworks Kingdom


The perfect pack for that special someone! Diamond Princess x 1 Angel Dust x 2 Hercules x 1 The King x 2 Strike a Rose x 1 Festival x 1 Bubble Mania x 1 Learn More

RRP: £376.91

Save 34%

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