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Here at Fireworks Kingdom we have a huge selection of the best fireworks that money can buy. Obvioulsy fireworks are used for many different types of events occasions.

  • Weddings - Here you will see some handpicked selections perfect for your big day.


  • Gender Reveal - For those looking for something different to reveal the gender of your baby , we have a loverly selection of pink and blue fireworks. 


  • Low Noise fireworks - We have a fantastic range of low noise fireworks that are perfect for all occasions.


If you wish to discuss any of our firework packages or you would like help choosing please get in touch. 

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Thermo Shock by Skycrafter Fireworks


Thermo shock is a bag of small low noise barrages that produce beautiful colours. Perfect for children not keen on loud bangs. Enjoy. Learn More

RRP: £39.99

Save 38%

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