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Catherine Wheels

At Fireworks Kingdom, we offer a selection of Catherine Wheels. They are a must-have for any event or celebration! These fast-rotating, colourful and rather noisy fireworks will help you create some real buzz and excitement. Your firework display will certainly be the best!

All of our wheels come with a pin which should be placed through the centre hole and secured onto a large sturdy post. Catherine Wheels should never be placed onto fences, sheds or trees as this can cause fires. Setting up a Catherine Wheel is a quick and easy process. To secure the wheel, use a hammer. Make sure that the Catherine Wheel can spin freely by spinning it with your hand before lighting. You should also aim to place the wheel as high as possible. Once lit, our wheels begin to rotate and create the most colourful sparks which vary in size. Catherine Wheels are great for all occasions, small or big.

All of our Catherine Wheels are tried and tested times over to ensure they are safe and satisfy all of your needs. If you are looking for great quality cheap fireworks for sale in the UK, our wheels are the one for you! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries whilst browsing our range.

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