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Selection Boxes

Fireworks Kingdom offers some of the best fireworks selection box options anywhere in the UK. These special selection box packages include everything from sparklers to rockets of all sizes and grades. Of course, fountains, roman candles, and fireworks wheels are a part of these selection boxes as well. The packages are specially adapted to fulfil two missions: allow the buyers to test and enjoy various firework options, and to be able to fit any budget! Of course, the higher the price, the richer the selection box gets!

Selection boxes are the perfect option for those with a small - medium sized gardens and smaller children.

Selection Boxes

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Bonfire Party By Brothers Pyrotechnics


This selection box is a great little pack from Brothers for some back garden family fun. With the contents containing a selection of fountains, multi-shot roman candles and a Catherine wheel, you can't really go wrong for such a great price. Bonfire Party also doesn't make to much noise, so it shouldn't scare any pets that are indoors. This pack by Brothers is twice as good as your average supermarket selection box, with twice the fun! Learn More

RRP: £19.99

Save 30%

Bonfire Supreme By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Bonfire supreme is a family favourite perfect for the back garden and is perfect for small children. Simply buy yourself a packets of rockets and small cake and you will have the complete package. Learn More

RRP: £44.99

Save 29%

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