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  1. Brothers
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  1. Straight Up
  2. Fanned
  3. Straight Up


  1. 1 - 50 Seconds
  2. 51 - 100 Seconds

Number of shots

  1. 1 - 50
  2. 51 - 100

Safety Distance

  1. 8 Metres
  2. 25 Metres


  1. £9
  3. -

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We've currently got some great offers on our amazing end of line products! The following category includes some of our favourite fireworks which unfortunately, are no longer in production. With that in mind, once they're gone they're GONE!

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Bling King by Brothers Pyrotechnics


Bling King by Brothers Pyrotechnics is an amazing barrage that produces crackling bursts everywhere! With a safety distance of just 8 metres, this is a great piece to make your Bonfire Night Shine. Learn More

Special Price: £9.99

RRP £21.99

Pyrodice By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Keep spending most our lives, Livin' in a fireworks pyrodice, Been spending most their lives, Livin' in a fireworks pyrodice… God what a great Brothers Firework! Learn More

Special Price: £14.99

RRP £29.99

Tivoli By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Tivoli is a cheap fireworks cake that brings 16 shots that end with umbrella shaped bursts! It looks so spectacular with its combination of red, green, and gold that anyone watching it will be simply enchanted with its beauty. That is the main reason why this cake is often used as a part of big fireworks displays in combination with other barrages, compound cakes, and single rockets. It is a Cat 2 high noise firework, and it lasts for 54 seconds. Tivoli is ideal to be used both as a standalone cake and in combination with other fireworks. Learn More

Special Price: £14.99

RRP £22.99

Turbulent Terror By Skycrafter


This barrage once lit is no longer stable. Upon starting it may provide a beautiful fanned display for your audience. You have been warned Learn More

Special Price: £14.99

RRP £34.99

Storm King By Brothers Pyrotechnics


This king demands a show! With a mix of gold, green and red bursts from golden mines and crackle, there something here for everyone! Great for any party. Learn More

RRP: £21.99

Save 32%

Star Fleet By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Star Fleet rockets pack is on a mission of entertaining you and your guests, and it is quite capable of doing so! It brings 10 different single rockets which all come with different effects, and that will leave no soul indifferent. These Cat 2 rockets are quite spectacular, and the overall price for this type of fireworks is quite low. You will surely feel that you got the value for the investment with this beauty! Learn More

Special Price: £19.99

RRP £39.99

Napalm By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Napalm by Brothers Pyrotechnics is a 36 shot barrage by Brothers Pyrotechnics with of gold and a lovely crackle effect in the end! This Cat 2 fireworks is great if you want to have some lovely sights and make some noise! Learn More

Special Price: £39.99

RRP £67.99

The Judge By Brothers Pyrotechnics


The Judge is simply amazing! 35 shots over 46 seconds will provide as much noise as you could possibly imagine, and visual effects that will leave no soul indifferent! The very fact that the minimal safe distance from this beast of a barrage is 25 metres says pretty much a lot about it. This is a piece of fireworks that you simply HAVE TO try out sooner than later! Given the affordable price, it is one of the best deals for fireworks online! Learn More

Special Price: £39.99

RRP £69.99

Viral Spiral By Brothers Pyrotechnics


Huge spinning tails to bursts of green, red, blue purple and silver peonys. A great firework from Brothers, why not take it for a spin? Learn More

Special Price: £39.99

RRP £67.99

48DD's Droning Diamond By Brothers Pyrotechnics


48DD's Droning Diamonds barrage By Brothers Pyrotechnics is really something different and rather, quite exciting. It includes a rapid fire of exquisitely loud shots hissing through the air and culminating with rather impressive explosions in the end. This single ignition single effect firework is definitely a piece that will completely thrill the guests at your fireworks garden party! Learn More

Special Price: £39.99

RRP £69.99

Liquid Gold By Brothers Pyrotechnics


In this GOLDEN crackling finale with its GOLDEN brocades and GOLDEN tails, You'll never guess what colour the stars and blinks are? You'll never get it… GREEN! Just kidding its red actually with a bit of blue and silver :P Learn More

Special Price: £49.99

RRP £94.99

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