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Sparklers for Sale

Sparklers are a family favourite. Even if you aren’t having a full fireworks display - they are a must! At Fireworks Kingdom, we sell golden sparklers in a range of sizes (10” and 18”). With our sparklers, your displays can become truly spectacular and create a night to remember. 

Sparklers are ideal for adding that extra touch to your gatherings, whether it be a birthday, a wedding or any other exciting occasion, our sparklers will light up the party! They are an inexpensive, great source of entertainment for both adults and children! Enjoy drawing shapes and letters in the sky and watching the luminous sparks that follow. Please remember that sparklers burn at over 1000°C - children should be monitored at all times. 

All of our sparklers are tried and tested times over to ensure that they are safe and satisfy all of your needs. If you are looking for great quality fireworks at a low price, browse our website for the best deals and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries whilst browsing.

Sparklers for Sale

10" Aces Golden Sparklers by Brothers Pyrotechnics


Sparkle Sparkle. Each box contains 5 x 10" golden sparklers, lasting around a minute each. Great for any party! Learn More

RRP: £1.49

Save 20%

18" Golden Sparklers by Brothers Pyrotechnics


There is no better and more spectacular way to enhance every single event than to use some shiny sparklers! The 18" Golden Sparklers are the best option for any occasion. They look great, they are safe, and they are pet and children friendly! You simply can’t miss on this opportunity! Each pack contains 5 sparklers! Learn More

RRP: £2.49

Save 20%