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Grab the opportunity – free fireworks at the Fireworks Kingdom!


How do you know a certain fireworks vendor is truly a great one? There are a few simple things that you will have to pay attention to when making this decision and this approach never fails to deliver results!

These are the rules to follow:

• Price

• Shipping

• Bonuses


It is important to filter the best options at your disposal. It doesn’t mean you should aim for the cheapest fireworks in the market. Instead, you need to aim to find the best VALUE for your money.

Compromising with the quality won’t lead you into a good place as you will end up having fireworks that won’t raise a single eyebrow, and that is something you wish to avoid at any cost. Simply – why wasting money on something that will produce the “meh…” effect?

Instead, aim to find great fireworks that are cheap at the same time!

The Fireworks Kingdom offers exactly that – the best fireworks online that are more than reasonably priced! On top of that, the products we offer are so carefully selected, that you will have an option to buy great fireworks that perfectly fit the intended budget! We can offer you a lot of fun for very little money, and we can offer you the best and the loudest fireworks in the entire UK! Of course, there are also variations and options to fill in everything between these two extremes.


Fireworks are rather tricky to deliver as they fall under the dangerous cargo regulations. That is why shopping for fireworks online can be an issue sometimes, and that is why shipping can cost significantly in some cases.

With the Fireworks Kingdom, that is not a real issue, as we ship our products all over the UK! We have our own delivery options that are tried and tested, and we won’t charge you an arm and a leg to deliver fireworks to your home.

In fact, for all orders over GBP 249, you will get a free delivery, no matter where in the UK you are! This is an offer that can’t be really matched!


There are many vendors offering various bonuses if you shop with them. In most cases, these are offers that are pretty much funny, as you will get something that you can’t really use along with the goods you have purchased. There is little use of the smallest fountain if you are shopping for a huge compound cake.

We also offer significant bonuses, but we have figured out the way to do it properly! We are aware that the bonus item needs to be compatible with the rest of your order, and that made us ponder on how to devise a perfect bonus plan. The end result is simply awesome!

Namely, for every purchase over GBP 50, we will give you a FREE “Flames of Passion”! This piece is worth GBP 13.99, and it will be a great addition to your smaller fireworks show!

If you decide to spend over 100 quid, we will be even better and give you a “Lethal Tank” which cost GBP 27.99!

In both cases, you will get a 28% bonus on your purchase which is a nice value to add to your investment!

Most importantly, both of these pieces fit perfectly into the firework displays of the mentioned value, so you will have a complementary piece that will bring your fireworks show to an entirely new level!

The quantities are limited for this promotional campaign, so if you wish to get this great value gift – shop for fireworks online using our website today!