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New additions to Fireworks Kingdom family are here!


We at Fireworks Kingdom are more than happy to announce that our selection of premium fireworks got its new additions. Since it is our goal to always provide more to our customers, we developed quite a few barrages and other fireworks in order to rejuvenate and increase our offer.

These new additions to our portfolio are simply spectacular and absolutely unique. These are the fireworks that have never before been available in our store, and definitely top UK fireworks by any definition. Opting to buy them in our fireworks shop, you will be amongst the first to ever see them in action.

This new portfolio is pretty massive and includes the following products:

• Zenith

• Dynamic Kit

• Sky Raider Kit

• Bonfire Deluxe

• Bonfire Fantasy

• Bonfire Max

• The Mob

• Django

• Heist

• Supremacy

• The Entertainer

• Deception

• Bellini

• Wilda

• Bellini and Wilda

• Twisted Aftershock

• Hell Raiser


Zenith is the biggest and the most spectacular fireworks from Fireworks Kingdom. This is simply an epic piece that contains around 4kg of powder which is good enough for around 4 minutes of pure mayhem in the skies. It is a perfect piece to make a grand finale of your bonfire night, and you may rest assured that using this beauty will be noticed far and wide! If you are looking for something truly spectacular and absolutely special, you should consider this epic fireworks.

Dynamic Kit

Dynamic kit is a pure monster of a barrage! 11 different fireworks are packed into this kit, and it provides some 7 to 8 minutes of pure madness in the skies! If you are looking to buy fireworks that will simply blow the minds of your guests, then this is just an ideal option. It is able to give you a real bonfire night party with a single product. Once you try this awesome kit, you will be using it over and over again!

Sky Raider Kit

All those who like big blasts caused by huge rockets will be thrilled with everything this fireworks kit has to offer. It consists solely from the biggest rockets in our portfolio, and it means that it will surely be seen AND heard far and wide.

If you are looking to buy fireworks online and utterly impress not only people attending your bonfire night but the entire neighbourhood as well, the Sky Rider Kit is the product you should turn to! It will definitely cause some serious mayhem that will be mentioned long after the party is over!

Bonfire Deluxe

Bonfire Deluxe is a great 13-pieces kit that is perfectly suited for more discrete garden parties. This kit consists only from the low noise fireworks and as such is a kid’s favourite! It will provide a lot of fun and a lot of “aw” moments without disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood. This is also a very pet friendly fireworks as it does not cause any disturbance, especially with cats and dogs, as they can be extremely sensitive to loud noises.

The Bonfire Deluxe is simply ideal for occasions such as children’s birthdays as it provides a lot of fun without any unwanted side effects.

Bonfire Fantasy

This 25-piece selection box is a great choice for your garden parties. It is a medium size fireworks that produces really spectacular effects, yet it consists solely from low noise firework pieces that will not cause any disturbances.

Similarly to Bonfire Deluxe, this kit is ideal for celebrations where it is expected to have kids and pets present, as it won’t disturb them at all. Also, it is an ideal wedding fireworks for smaller discrete weddings. If you opt to use it once, it is most certain that you will be coming for more, as it provides a great balance of quality and price.

Bonfire Max

Bonfire max is the largest fireworks kit in this class, containing no less than 37 pieces that will turn your fireworks garden party into a real spectacle! This is also an ideal kit for all sorts of occasions when you don’t want to raise too much noise.

With all the elements packed into this kit, you will surely create a lasting impression that will be remembered long after your bonfire night is over!

The Mob

This is a pack that features 6 sets of 12 shots with completely different effects! It provides quite a punch and due to the diversity of the elements it will easily become a star of your fireworks display!

It is perfect for combining with rockets and rocket packs in order to provide maximum effects, and it will most certainly impress everybody in that setup. Additionally, it is a quite affordable option that provides more than enough value for the money invested. If you are looking to buy extraordinary fireworks online, this is your go-to product!


If you are looking to buy a lot of fireworks for a modest amount of money, then Django is exactly the barrage pack you’ve been looking for! This amazing kit contains 6 x 12 and 2 x 25 barrages that are truly spectacular and absolutely amazing!

It is well capable to be the star of your bonfire night as a stand-alone solution, but it is also quite easy to combine with other products! With no less than incredible 122 shots of pure destruction unleashed onto the skies, it will provide a true sense of awe to your guests! Since it comes at a very affordable price, it is definitely one of the best options available when it comes to firework barrages!


Are you looking for something absolutely spectacular at the incredibly realistic price? Then you simply have to give Heist a try! This is an incredible combination of barrages that will make you stare into the skies powerless to turn your gaze away!

It packs impressive 254 shots in several different barrages, and the effects it provides are simply stunning! It is guaranteed that your guests will be leaving whatever they do just to enjoy the pure spectacle this monster of a barrage creates!

On top of it all, it is quite affordable, so if you are looking for cheap fireworks online with an extra punch, this is the kit that will give you the best value for your money!


Supremacy is almost an ultimate fireworks barrage! This 1.3G fireworks is something completely different from anything you have seen on the UK market so far!

The sheer power this incredible firework packs is hard to imagine! First of all, it is loud as hell, and will force everyone to turn their heads and see what really happens!

Secondly, it provides almost every imaginable effect in the skies, and creates visual experience that is absolutely near the border of what is legal in the UK!

Finally, it lasts for no less than 8 to 9 minutes! This is enough time to make even the most reluctant people to pay attention and enjoy it to the fullest!

This is the perfect kit for all those who wish to really impress! As such, it is simply perfect for large parties thrown for the most important of days! Just imagine if it was your wedding fireworks! This is something that would stick with anyone who lays their eyes on it until the end of their lives!

The Entertainer

This is a very handy and effective compound cake that fully justifies its name! It provides around a minute of high tempo fire and the effects that will lift your spirits and increase your adrenaline levels!

It is perfect for smaller occasions, and it can be easily combined with other barrages to create great bonfire night displays. If you are looking to buy cheap fireworks online and get thoroughly entertained, this kit will definitely leave no disappointment behind it!


The very name tells a lot about this incredible 1.3G firework. It could easily deceive you to expect little from it as it soars to the skies, but once it blasts away, you will be simply mesmerised with the effects it will provide!

It is an absolutely unique firework that hasn’t been seen before and that isn’t available anywhere else, as the Fireworks Kingdom is the first place where you can buy this barrage online! Grab your chance to be amongst the first to see this one of a kind firework in action!


Bellini is a very nice 50-shot fireworks barrage that will provide more than enough value for the money invested in it! The beautiful effects will impress all the spectators, and leave them wanting to see more of it!

It is definitely one of the barrages that will prove to be amongst the most popular products in this class!


Wilda is also a 50-shot fireworks barrage. It is quite similar in tempo and quantity to the Bellini, but it comes with completely different colours and effects. It is a perfect alternative if you wish to change the appearance of your fireworks and you have used Bellini before. Alternatively, it can be used together with it to create richer bonfire night experience.

This is an affordable firework that provides a lot for the money invested in it!

Bellini and Wilda

This is a relationship made in heaven! These two fireworks are perfect together as discharging both compound kits at the same time will give you a perfectly synchronised bonanza of colours in the night skies.

Of course, since both of these fireworks are 1.3G barrages, the spectacular lighting effects will be followed with the roar of thunder to augment the entire experience. Once you try these beauties together, they will be featured at your bonfire night celebrations on a regular basis!

Twisted Aftershock

The spiralling fan effect this amazing firework provides will make your jaw drop in awe once you see it in action! It is quite unique and absolutely spectacular! It means that you won’t be able to find anything even remotely similar with any other UK fireworks!

Do not miss the opportunity to see this beauty in action! It will reward you with a spectacle that will be long remembered!

Hell Raiser

If you really wish to compete with your neighbours, then the Hell Raiser is just the thing you need! This is a very loud rockets package that comes with no less than 24 high power rockets. It is more than enough to win any argument you might have with your neighbours during the bonfire night!

Once they try to challenge you, it is enough to unleash this beast, and all your competitors will be silenced for good! The cannonade of 24 extremely loud rockets with amazing effects will make them all bow their heads down in shame and inability to answer with anything they might be packing!

All these new fireworks are available ONLY on Fireworks Kingdom website at this moment. Since we have the price match guarantee option, they will be cheapest when you buy them from us, even if they appear in other outlets!

With these new additions, our portfolio became more complete, and you now have all the tools you might possibly want to generate some truly memorable moments for your important dates.

Since these new arrivals are quite different from each other, they easily cover several niches, and allow you to have a wider choice no matter the occasion. There is everything from low noise fireworks that are perfectly suited for occasions where children and pets are in attendance, to spectacular rockets and barrages that are perfect as wedding fireworks or bonfire night accessories. Finally, there are huge firework kits that are ideal for large celebrations and can be pretty great option even for club owners, and municipal events!

Feel free to browse our website and find the fireworks that will fit your needs! You won’t be disappointed!