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The fireworks code – why should you stick to it at all times?

The fireworks code of conduct is essential in order to enjoy your firework displays in a safe and enjoyable manner. Click and read all about it!

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN - biggest firework for sale

The Greatest showman, A 10 minute Firework display pack designed for weddings, firework displays, organised displays and big fireworks parties. This firework is for the ultimate firework enthusiast. Buy the UKs biggest firework Now.

The Guy Fawkes story – how the Bonfire night became what it is today

The Guy Fawkes story is one of the most interesting episodes in the UK history. This is why we celebrate the Bonfire night in a way we do. Read all about it!

The Most Famous and Expensive Celebrity Weddings

Fireworks Kingdom have analysed some of the most iconic celebrity weddings in history, to identify the wedding trends among famous couples and the reported costs of the lavish events.

The season of fireworks is upon us! We are ready! Are you?

The season of fireworks is finally here! We made our portfolio ready to answer all your needs!

Wedding Fireworks | Buy Fireworks for Weddings Online!

Organising wedding fireworks can be a real headache. With our package of services, you will be able to cover this task in a perfect manner without ever leaving your home!

What Chemicals are in Fireworks?

In the modern day and age of the big bang, we are able to get hold of fireworks in every colour, shape and size! We all know how explosions work - take fuel, add fire ... boom! But how do fireworks function? First, we have to start with the chemicals used in fireworks to figure this out.

Where are fireworks for sale all year round? how can i get the best deal?

Finding the best fireworks for sale deals is not as easy as it seems. This article will help you make a smart decision on this topic!

Who Invented Fireworks?

NOW: before we begin, it is still unclear how the invention of fireworks came about, but we are here to tell you what is believed by many around the world. Grab your tin foil hats, hop in our DeLorean, and we will take you back in time to the origin of fireworks!

Wholesale Fireworks

Buying fireworks online can be really a great way to organise a bonfire night to remember! With our financing options, this becomes even easier! Read this article and learn what needs to be done in order to get this amazing offer!

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